About Us

AlarmSecur has full mobile security solutions for people with an active lifestyle.

Total control over your home.

This is the idea. But how did we get to this point?

AlarmSecur was developed with the goal to make security available to everyone. The reason for this is that a break-in can happen to anyone.

Current society and the fact that their previous targets (banks, petrol stations and small shops) are more secured, this means that burglars will find your home.

As soon as an burglar has been in your home, it will take a while until everything feels like it was: WELCOME HOME.

Central Monitoring Stations of security companies will call you when your alarm goes off.

Than you have to check yourself if anything is going on, this is also referred to as visual verification.

A camera can resolve this, but then you need to buy a separate camera system.

Taking these things into mind, we started to develop a perfect and affordable alarm system combined with a superior camera.

real people real progress

Good to get such a great alarm security system! Now i feel Secured.


The support was very good. Got it installed in One day!

Mr. Prasad

A fantastic combination camera and sensors…

Mr. Verma


  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, accessible from anywhere in the world, giving you full control of the alarm system in your home.
  • With an alarm notification immediately: direct-view , photo and video record
  • Now you can inform the emergency services directly.


  • Easy to expand
  • Simple installation
  • Control everything with your mobile phone


  • Use of durable components
  • HD-quality camera technology
  • Built in microphone and speaker
  • Superior alarmsensors (868Mhz)

Consumer friendly

  • Good technical support
  • Excellent service
  • Regular Product Updates
  • Easy and instant DIY Installation


  • Simple design with a modest and discreet exterior that matches every interior.
  • These important points and intensive market research have led to the development of the current system from AlarmSecur.
  • AlarmSecur is a smart all-in-one alarm system.
    Full protection against break-ins and fire with 24-hour camera supervision.

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