Safety Tips for Home Security While You Plan for Travel

India being the 2nd largest country in the world in terms of population, is a land of amalgamations of different cultures, religions and customs.  Imagine! The various festivals this land boasts off.

We all like travelling extensively during our festival holidays, and went off that work pressure.  In fact, millions of Indians travel to far off lands during these holidays, leaving behind their homes unguarded.
Unfortunately, burglars are thoroughly prepared and are well aware of the opportunity that comes with the holiday season. Since the holiday excitement is immense, it is natural for a person to get carried away, thus forgetting to secure their homes, while they are away.

There’s nothing worse, than getting the shock of your life, when you realize that you have been robbed of your precious belongings, while you were enjoying your extravagant vacation.
It is highly advisable to secure your home.


It may sound trivial, but it is very important to secure your home and we at AlarmSecur.in , are dedicated to help you with the same.
We provide, high quality, user friendly security systems that grant you ultimate peace of mind, as you enjoy your vacation, worry free.
Our home security systems, lets you arm or disarm your system by remotely accessing it via smart phone or tablet. One can also choose when to arm or disarm your system. If a break-in situation persists, the system takes a photo +shoots 2 second video prior to the alarm trigger + 13 second video after the alarm goes off and sends it to your device, where you can view it in real time and immediately intimate your security personnel or the police, thus preventing theft and ensuring the security of your home.

The security system is equipped with various apparatus (door+ motion sensor) which means, if you happen to leave your teen or young adult children behind this holiday season, you can get alerts as to when they leave or enter home. The system also comes with an in-built mic and speaker setting which helps you communicate remotely. You can view video of your home in real time via your smart phone /tablet from across the globe, 24*7 – 365 days.

Home Security Don’ts:

  • Do not Leave Hidden Keys outside the Home.
  • Do Not Keep Valuables in Obvious Places.
  • Do Not Publish Where You Are Online.

Home Security Do’s :

  • Customize Your Security System.
  • Install Locks On Every Exterior Entrance.
  • Ensure all security systems are working.




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