Senior Citizens Safety and Security

Post retirement, many senior citizens wish to live independently and cherish rest of their golden years, while some move into retirement homes or move in with their families.
Now the question arises, what can senior citizens and their family members do to ensure that they are fully prepared for an emergency?
Since majority of Indians, belong to working class group, it’s a dodgy task to facilitate during emergency situations, so here are few suggestions that will help senior citizens and their families to live a carefree life.


This user-friendly and life saving device are highly recommended for senior citizens.
Easy to use, this one button medical alarm system is pure magic, which can be clipped on to any clothing or worn around your neck or wrist, so it’s always near you, just like your guardian angel. These devices are also waterproof so they can be used in the shower and are functional up to 20 m away from the base unit.
In any case of mishap, such as a fall, medical emergency or power cut, senior citizens just need to press the button on their medical alarm and help will arrive soon.
These devices are ideal for senior citizens living independently, giving friends and families a sense of safety and confidence, knowing that help is always at hand.


Many senior citizens have suffered, because of obstacles placed in their home, because of which they fall and injure themselves. Here we have few tips to prevent falls.

  • Don’t leave clutter in passageways or doorways. Keep your home neat and tidy
  • Remove tripping hazards
  • Install grab bars and handrails
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing, which can help you from falling
  • Install lights to make things visible
  • Wear shoes/footwear with good grip
  • Use non-slip carpets/mats

Another option is motion sensing lights, which detects your motion and automatically turns on, the lights.


When you’re on medication, it’s very likely for you to get disorganized and forgetful. Ensure your medicines are organized and are placed in the correct container. This will prevent you from consuming the wrong medicines.

Make sure your room is well lit, so that you can see properly thereby consuming the correct medicines.
Being little aware and by taking necessary precautions, senior citizens can live comfortably by themselves and enjoy their retired life.


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