Gone are those old analog system days, where the system used a DVR. Today’s security systems are connected to the internet, which makes them fast, reliable and secure.

With technology getting better day by day, people demand more from their security systems, thus leading to magnanimous changes in the security sector.
The latest systems allow one to remotely access the systems from anywhere and anytime, using a smart phone/tablet or a computer.
Thus, latest systems can suffice the needs of families and keep them updated about every activity.

These latest systems include:

  • Allows arming and disarming your security system remotely
  • Customize your security settings
  • Schedule appliances and automate them
  • Set your systems to get notifications via text, email and thus receive a real time video clips
  • Dropbox facility for extended storage , helping one view the recorded video footage anytime, from anywhere
  • Watch over your kids, pets and elderly from your smart device
  • Provides you with a easy connectivity to your security systems.

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